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Her powerful, positive attitude and mindset are inspiring. I have benefited greatly from my time with her. I recommend her without any hesitation to anyone who is open to challenge him or herself to try and put daily realities into a positively created mindset, creating clarity and purpose. My favorite Martine-quote: "be curious as a child". A very talented person, and a great sense of humour too!

Fred Keliterp

Chief Executive Officer EMEA

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

To say that working with Martine has had a profound effect on my leadership and my life would be an understatement. She’s highly experienced and has a wonderful range from empathetic to challenging. There is no working at a surface level, you go deep to grow, and although I’ll be working through what I learned for some time to come, I’ll be forever grateful to have Martine as part of my journey.

Leigh-Ann Russell

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Martine Cannon. Her knowledge and expertise in the field is evident, and her ability to unlock and transform the hidden potential is truly unique. Through our coaching sessions, Martine has given me the opportunity to push myself beyond my limits and achieve breakthroughs on areas in my game that I had not previously been aware of.

Ira Noviarti

CEO / President Director of Unilever Indonesia


Martine’s approach to coaching and leading groups is part Zen-part Jedi. I have rarely seen someone so skilled at being direct, authentic, and gentle all at once as she calls peoples’ attention to the behaviors and actions that are inhibiting their potential.

Jennifer Longnion

Global Director Organisation Development

Coca Cola

Martine has the strong capability and vast experience to guide leaders and organisations to take their teams to next level of high performing teams. She has a unique approach to align teams and leaders into one direction and one identity. I strongly recommend working with her when you are looking to create that high performing team.

Suzana Curic

Head of Enterprise

Amazon Web Services

Martine is phenomenal. She has an amazing ability to deeply challenge, to gently guide, to help solve the seemingly unsolvable and so create possibilities out of the impossible. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sarah McCarthy

Chief Legal & Risk Officer


I have had a great experience working with Martine. She’s an excellent coach who is able to challenge deeply held beliefs and perceptions in a way that builds confidence and unlocks true potential. She’s also great fun. Highly recommended!

Chris Houghton

SVP & Head of Market Area North East Asia


Have you ever wondered why change processes rarely fly in the way they were intended?

Be it culture change, organisation transformation or behavioural change. You have probably been a part of change initiatives that have got some way there, but have fallen short? Sometimes there have been so many attempts at change that people have become cynical altogether when the word ‘change’ is even mentioned…

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